Retouching lessons for beginners, hobbyists, enthusiasts and professionals looking to enhance their images in beauty, portrait or fashion. Teaching you how to properly retouch your images from start to finish. Depending on your skill level we can also break down the lessons into 2 sessions. What’s important is that you are able to move at your own pace so that you will be able to retain the information much easier. After our lessons are completed, we will have the opportunity to keep in touch to monitor your progress for a month through emails, and also receive additional help, advice, and guidance.
Learn all about lighting techniques in the studio, you will learn how to shoot to maximize the detail to achieve the best out of your raw files when retouching, what camera settings to use, how to pose your model and also how to interact with your model to make the shooting fun but as productive as possible. Studio lighting for photography is perfect for beginner photographers or anyone looking to learn the proper way of using different lighting modifiers. Will go over how to set your main light, fill light and accent lights, and much more. 
Sessions are tailored specifically for each person and can focus either more on post production or image capture. The direction of the lessons will be determined by email prior to the lesson and any supporting materials should be sent over to me at least 1-2 days in advance to allow for adequate preparation.
Retouching lessons are available via Skype with screen sharing or on-location at my studio: 35 Tripp Street. Framingham, MA 01702
Requirements for retouching lesson: Laptop & a tablet with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom or Capture one pro installed (version CC / CS6, Lesson 
Photography or retouching
1.5 hours – $175 (single session) 
2.5 hours – $325 (single session)
4 hours – $475 (single session with a 15 minute break)
2 day training - $900 (two 4 hour sessions with live model) Photography only 
2 day training - $1,200 (two 4 hour sessions with live model) Photography + retouching